Journal of Pediatric Neurology and Medicine

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Macrocephaly in Leukemic patients


Ankit Verma*

T-cell ALL is the most prevalent cancer in childhood. Cranial nerve abnormalities and rising of the intracranial pressure had been known as a sign of nervous system involvement but reports of macrocephaly are extremely rare especially as an initial manifestation of the T-cell. For instance, an eight-month-old boy referred to our clinic with bicytopenia and macrocephaly that was diagnosed with T-cell ALL and was successfully treated. An eight month old boy was referred to our hospital presenting with Bicytopenia and Macrocephaly. He his weight was 9 kg and his height was 68 cm at the time of admission (his birth weight and height were 3 kg and 51 cm, respectively. He had no previous history of admission prior to his referral and had no underlying disease. In a month earlier to his referral he was admitted several times because of diarrhea, vomiting and flu like symptom (tachypnea, fever and shivering) which lasted for a month and was treated symptomatically


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