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Lateral Design Graph


Schierle GG

LDG is an Excel macro to design for lateral wind and seismic loads
based on ASCE 7 and the IBC (International Building Code). The
objective of LDG is to provide numerical tables and optional graphs to
visualize lateral design data. The graphs reinforce important informed
intuition regarding force, shear and overturn moment distribution.
LDG requests user input of building size as well as wind and seismic
data. Building data includes x-width, y-length, number of stories, story
heights, and dead load. The data may be equal or variable for all
stories. LDG also requests wind and seismic importance factors, wind
speed, exposure- and gust-factors, etc. for wind design, R-factors, Sfactors,
etc. for seismic design. For clarity, seismic data is beige and
wind data green. Based on the user input LDG provides numeric table
and optional graphs defining for each level lateral force, shear and
overturn moment. For wind load LDG provides data in both X- and Ydirections.
The graphs may be displayed on the Excel input screen or
on a separate Excel screen. The attached screen includes seismic force
Fs, shear Vs, overturn moment Ms and wind graphs in X-direction,
force Fwx shear Vwx and overturn moment Mwx. The first column of
the wind table provides the wind pressure in psf. LDG includes a
separate tutorial to introduce the LDG features and use (Figures 1 and


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