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Isolation and Identification of Microbes Causing Urinary Tract Infections from Hands and Mobile Phones


Anum Liaquat-Ali, Umrah Imran, Afia Khatoon, Tahira Fareed, Sidra Afzal, Shaheen Sharafat and Nafisa Hassan-Ali

Background: Hands and cell phones are the major source of cross- transmission of urinary tract infections. The
aim of our study was to isolate, identify and evaluate Gram-negative bacteria from them.
Method: This study was conducted in visiting area of Civil Hospital Karachi, Pakistan. Analysis was done by 50
wet sterile cotton tipped swabs, 25 each from mobile phones and hands of their owners. Samples were transported
in a Cary Blair transport media, Swabs were streaked on Nutrient agar, Blood agar and Macconkey agar. Organisms
were identified by cultural, biochemical and microscopic characteristics. Frequency of bacterial species observed
was evaluated.
Results: A total of 25 samples were collected from cell phones, out of 3 samples were positive cell phones
were collected from 50 persons having age between 28 to 43 and standard deviation 14.8052 ± 22.222 rang. Rate
of bacteria found Serretia (24%), E. coli (24%), Pseudomonas (12%), Klebsiella (12%), Shigella (8%) and Proteus
(12%). While cell phones were contaminated by E. coli, Klebsiella and Serretia with percentage of 54, 31 and 15
Conclusion: Mobile phones and hands are reservoir of pathogenic organisms. Patient attendants in hospitals
and visitors are more susceptible to nosocomial infections through exchange of mobile phones as their hands and
mobile phones were contaminated by microbes causing urinary tract infections. To prevent infectious diseases
hospitals should have enough outlets for washing hands with an ample supply of water. Hygienic practice of keeping
hands clean and frequent mobile disinfection practices may help to break transmission cycle of pathogenic bacteria.


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