Journal of Surgical Pathology and Diagnosis

ISSN: 2684-4575

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Intestinal Pseudo-obstruction Due to Abnormal Layering of Muscularis Propria: A Case Report of Two Cases and Review of Literature


Usman Hassan, Hina Maqbool*, Sajid Mushtaq Mudassar Hussain, Noreen Akhtar and Iram Khan

Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction (CIPO) is a rare gastrointestinal disorder which impairs gastrointestinal motility. It can affect adults as well as children. In this report a 3 year old child who presented with a history of mass at rectosigmoid junction is described, along with a 27 year old female who presented with intestinal obstruction. On gross examination, no tumor was identified in both cases. Microscopic examination revealed additional hypertrophic muscular layer; in first case in between inner circular and outer longitudinal layers and in second case external to normal muscularis externa.


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