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Home Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring in Patients Treated With Anti-Angiogenic Drugs for the Detection of Arterial Hypertension


Damien Laneelle, Pierre Bigot, Sophie Abadie-Lacourtoisie, Azzouzi Abdel-Rahmène, Mario Campone and Georges Leftheriotis

Introduction: We compared in a prospective open-label study two different protocols of home self-measurement of arterial blood pressure (ABP) for the detection of antiangiogenic drugs (AAG)-induced arterial hypertension (AHT).

Material and methods: We performed 3 measurements every morning and evenings measurements for 3 successive days (hBP-3d) and compared them to a single daily morning measurement of BP for 7 days (hBP-7d) during 2 consecutive treatment cycles with bevacizumab or sunitinib.

Results: Among the 26 patients treated with AAG, there was a significant difference between the number of AHT episode based on hBP-3d and hBP-7d protocol (116 against 183, p<0.0005). AHT did not correlated with tumoral progression/stabilization and no significant predictability could be established using the 2 protocols.

Conclusion: Detection of AHT episod in patients treated with AAG was linked to the BP monitoring protocol and should be specifically designed for cancer patients treated with AAG.


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