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Holistic interventions in Ayurveda for a healthy progeny


Charu Sharma

Prenatal care is known as “garbhini paricharya” in Ayurveda. ‘Garbhini’ means pregnant woman and ‘paricharya’ means ideal protocol. It includes the ideal dietary and lifestyle protocol followed by a pregnant woman to attain optimum health of progeny and prevent any complications. The guidelines for prenatal care start even before conception. The couple planning to have a progeny shall follow purification procedures (panchakarma), proper diet and life style modifications as part of preconception care. The prenatal care begins from the very first day when the woman expects the conception (usually due to missed menstrual cycle). The conceived woman shall be treated with special care just like a pot filled with oil. As the slightest oscillation of such a pot causes spilling of the oil, similarly the slightest exertions or excitements to the pregnant woman can initiate adverse pregnancy outcomes.


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