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High Modulus Asphalt Concrete: a Long Life Asphalt Pavement


Maria Inmaculada García Hernández

This study uses a layered elastic analysis and a computational model to evaluate the fatigue life of the base layer stabilized with conventional bitumen 60/70 compared with a base layer stabilized with high modulus bitumen 13/22 for a lifetime of 20 years. This study makes a comparative between conventional bitumen and high modulus asphalt concrete in terms of fatigue or cycles to failure of both asphalts at 15°C. The result of this study shows that HMAC 13/22 has much longer fatigue life compared with conventional bitumen 60/70, in some cases even four times longer; the lifetime of the pavement increases considerably with the use of HMAC in the base layer of pavement according to mechanical calculations. HMAC raise elastic modulus of middle layer. HMAC can also improve stress state of pavement structure, reduce shear strain and asphalt pavement rutting.


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