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Herbs useful in snakebite: Information from the ayurvedic classics


Dilip Kr. Goswami

Snakebite can be considered as the most fatal among all types of poisoning . In most of the conditions of snakebite the individual may breath his last either due to the effect of the poison or due to fear . Sometimes a person , after snakebite , dies due to combined effect of the envomated snake venom and fear . It is agreed by both the Ayurvedic scholars and the modern scientists that most of the snakebites are not poisonous . Most of the deaths in such bites occur due to fear . Considering the effect of snake venom and the cause of death due to snakebite, at the time of preparation of the treatment protocol more attention is paid on use of medicines having cardioprotective (hridya) action and also anti – poisonous property medicines by the Ayurvedic scholars even before thousands of years of Christ . Ayurvedic classics mention a good number of plants available around us for treatment of snakebite which are described to have potent anti poisonous effect . These plants are even said to have the potency to cure even the strongest snake venom . A detail scientific study on the drugs of plant origin advised to use for treatment of snakebite may gift the human society an invaluable way in management of snakebite .


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