Veterinary Science & Technology

ISSN: 2157-7579

Open Access

Haemetobichemistry, Pathomorphology and Therapy of Embelia tserium-cottom toxicity in Malnad Gidda Cattle


Shridhar NB

Toxicity episode of Embelia tserium-cottom was observed in Malnad Gidda cattle. The clinical signs were severe anorexia, constipation, ascites , anasarca, perineal edema, brisket edema and death in Malnad Gidda cattle which consumed the plant leaves. This study confirmed the plant as a cause for the clinical syndrome of perineal edema which was an obscure disease. There was a damage to kidney and liver with an increase in serum creatinine, BUN,AST and ALT. In post mortem it was observed that there was a damage to most of the vital organs like kidney, heart, liver, lungs had lesions followed by the histological changes. Ailing animals were treated with symptomatically with administration with balanced electrolytes, B-complex vitamins, activated charcoal, isoflupredone, frusemide etc with poor recovery rate.


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