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Genes dominating Sports: Analysis and Interpretation


Abhishek Deo

Statement of the Problem: There are many sportsmen who work hard in their respective sport. But only few in thousands succeed. Science behind this is often not understood. In the year 2019 tests which test the genes are available in the medical market. Once the precise genetic makeup is understood the Sports performance planning should be done accordingly which is mostly ignored and problems such as recurring injuries, lack of sports performance resulting in a performance plateau etc. are bound to happen then. This reduces your chance of being a successful athlete in the respective sports by around 70-85%
Methodology and Theoretical Orientation: Various sportsmen from different sports were tested with genetic labs. The sportsmen who were doing better in same sport, with similar musculature and skill level were tested and compared separately. With the sports skill matches between them, their physical examination and other explosive tests were also conducted. Results and Significance: Lab reports showed that sportsmen who had appropriate gene makeup (for the game they had selected) were doing excellent that the average genetic makeup sportsmen. Research significantly showed the dominance of the genetically appropriate sportsmen over other genetically inappropriate sportsmen. 


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