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Gastro Esophageal Reflux Sickness



This Thoracic Oncology Division at DHRC involves a specific group of experts who are committed to forestalling, diagnosing, treating, and overseeing cellular breakdown in the lungs and different malignancies of the chest, including disease of the throat, thymus, and mediastinum (the space in the chest between the sacs containing the lungs). The division unites specialists in clinical oncology, radiation oncology, thoracic medical procedure, radiology, pulmonology, and nursing. This specific way to deal with treating thoracic malignancies furnishes patients with the specific sort of administrations they need to fight the infection and its physical, enthusiastic, and social results. Specific thoracic specialists treat lung and esophageal malignancy, while particular cardiovascular specialists treat the heart. Thoracic medical procedure, otherwise called chest medical procedure, might be utilized to analyze or fix lungs influenced by malignant growth, injury or pneumonic illness. In any case, medical procedure is a typical therapy for most thoracic malignancies. Your PCP may likewise suggest: Radiation treatment to contract tumors and slaughter malignancy cells.


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