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Future Overview Of Complimentary And Alternative Medicine And Current GIT Disorders Management.


Dr Hameed Mohammed Rafeek.

Complimentary Medicine and Alternative Medicine is going to be a major health care center. Most of the therapeutic technique are today practicing by practitioner who are educated with complementary alternative medicine and integrated medicine even though medical doctors who are specialist practicing in complementary medicine. But today complementary therapies are intent to be used together with conventional treatment. While the term “Alternative” implies replacing the treatment you receive from the doctor with one or more approaches that fall outside mainstream medicine. In my clinical experience gastro intestinal problem or bowel syndrome (colitis) recommends that anyone considering CAM approaches should discuss them with their doctor and CAM as a complement to describe medication and not as alternative to a another doctor recommended treatment. I would like to say CAM may work in many ways, they may help to control symptom ease pain and enhance feeling of wellbeing quality of life and may boost the immune system. This point of view is a clinically example hyper acidity patient or hypo acidity ibs , when you give the treatment of alternative therapy food and lifestyle then example Aloe Vera juice can be taken bromoline ,flex seed, black seed , green megma powder, slippery elm , mint, ginger, garlic etc is very helpful to the patients, but according to the patients condition. Moreover, acid and alkaline water PH level should balance to the intestine flora , therefore we advice the patient to take more alkaline water so it helps to clean the flora with a healthy healing tissue. Not only that there are certain condition we should avoid spicy food and high contain of acidity food and hardening food should be avoided. The colon flora to balance they should take probiotic food or probiotic powder. Emotional factor can influence the acidity condition therefore to reduce the emotional thing rest , proper sleep , liquid contain food, cooling type of food plus moderate fibre green leaves fruits and vegetables also advisable. Note 1: high dose of the chemical drugs are concerned with medical doctors advise. Note 2: Detoxification and colon cleansing are accoding to the patient considered . Note 3: Drink more water 2-3 litres per day every patient necessary except serious clinical conditions not needed. According to my experience major dominance behind mind body medicine manipulative and body base practice ,energy medicine ,yoga and breathing exercise are more benefitted for these types of people. Avoiding fast food and spicy food and try to avoid fizzy drinks as well. Nutrition supplement is also helpful such as fish oil, fatty fish salmon , mackerel and sardine are good sources of fish oil. Nuts ,green vegetables provides anti inflammatory action. My point of view you can use color line and color foods could like carrots, orange, beetroot is helpful for intestinal disorder people. Also vitamin b12 patients add to the anaemic patients while they can add same time vitamin d to boost the immune system. Iron deficiency patients could use iron for supplementary purpose. My conclusion of CAM is that to combine with some area needed and some area needed for the medical advice.


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