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Epitope Imprinting Approach to Monitor Diseases


Singh M, Gupta N and Raghuwanshi R

Epitope sequences are unique combination of amino acids sequence positioned on exposed domains of proteins. Molecular imprinting is a promising technique for creating molecular receptors with recognition and binding sites that are chemically and sterically complementary in shape, size and functionality to the predetermined target molecules in synthetic polymer. This approach creates template-shaped cavities in polymer matrices with memory of template molecules to be used in molecular recognition. Imprinting whole protein denatures the tertiary and quaternary structures of protein in the polymer matrix and complexity and flexibility of its structure cannot be sustained in the polymer matrix. Epitope approach offers a way out of such snags. The epitope-imprinted film revealed high selectivity over the target protein and allow tolerance for even a single amino acid mismatch between the epitope and target protein. MIP sensors are ideal candidates for replacing biosensors as well as natural receptors in many sensing applications such as ELISA. In spite of advantages and burgeoning research in the field of MIPs, imprinting fraternity has not yet achieved commercial success. Substitution of antibodies used in diagnostic tools with synthetic analogues will cut down cost as well as time period for sample analysis. MIP sensing layers have proven to be highly economical and they have shown almost parallel feat as bio-sensing elements (antibody/antigen/enzyme) incorporated in ELISA. Rapid and accurate determination of disease biomarker proteins is vital for clinical diagnosis and medical abnormalities. Hence MIP-sensors of certain proteins will be useful in early diagnosis of diseased state.


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