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Eficacy of fibromyalgia treatment using Bach Flower Therapy: Preliminary results


Jozélio Freire de Carvalho,1,2* Cassia Jesus Rocha,2 Natasha Lima Bastos de Queiroz2, Jordan Campos2

Statement of the problem: Fibromyalgia (FM) is a prevalent disease and often presents symptoms of anxiety and depression. Bach florals (BF) are widely used to treat such manifestations. No studies on the use of BF in FM were found.
Objective: To evaluate the effects of BF (Rescue) in FM patients.
Patients and methods: 6 patients and 6 healthy controls were included. They were evaluated at pre-intervention and after 60 days of BF using. Demographic data, anxiety and depression were evaluated by Beck inventories; sleep quality by the Pittsburgh scale and symptoms of dysbiosis by symptoms form.
Results: The median age was 60 years old (22-77) in patients and 41 (40-43) years old in controls. The disease duration was 3 years (4 months -10 years old). Caucasian race was 33% in the patient group and 66% in the controls. There was a statistically significant reduction between the Beck Anxiety Questionnaire before and after 60 days [16 (6-42) vs. 10 (2-27), p=0.05), Beck Depression Questionnaire before and after 60 days [16 (8-52) vs. 10 (6-35), p=0.02) and dysbiosis questionnaire before and after 60 days [18 (10-27) vs. 15 .5 (7-27), p=0.03). Regarding the sleep form, no significant differences were observed before and after BF.
Conclusion and significance: Treatment with Bach flower in patients with fibromyalgia seems promising, as it reduces tender points, symptoms of depression and anxiety, as well as improvement of symptoms of dysbiosis.


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