Journal of Physiotherapy & Physical Rehabilitation

ISSN: 2573-0312

Open Access

Effects of an Exercise Intervention on Body Composition in Older Adult Males Diagnosed with Parkinsons disease: A Brief Report


Corey A Peacock, Gabriel J Sanders, Kayla A Wilson, Emily J Fickes-Ryan, Duane B Corbett and Angela L Ridgel

The investigation examined the value of a multifaceted exercise intervention on body composition and strength, in those diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease (PD). 8 males subjects diagnosed with PD (69.13 ± 6.20 years) completed a previously introduced, 8-week, 24-session exercise intervention. A repeated-measures analysis of variance (ANOVA) demonstrated improvements in body composition and muscular strength following the exercise intervention. The data suggests the multifaceted exercise intervention is an effective tool for improving strength and body composition in males diagnosed with PD.


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