Journal of Civil and Environmental Engineering

ISSN: 2165-784X

Open Access

Effects of Air Pollutants on Surface Water Contamination


Akash Thakur*, Deepak Bharti, Jeevan Kumar, Kisan Kumar and Shubham Chitrans

We know that today pollution is a major problem for every country. Every engineer, scientist to find the solution of this problem. Pollution like water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, noise pollution these pollution harmful to effect the environment, human being and wild life or ecosystem. It also affects the aquatic life and parameter of water. The air pollutant is directly affect the surface water & these changes in pH, turbidity, BOD, COD, chloride and alkalinity of the water, increase the fluoride & high concentration of sulphates. Some anthropogenic activity affecting water quality include due to fertilizers, manures & pesticides, animal activity, irrigation, deforestation pollution due to industrial effluents and domestic waste, mining and recreation activities. It is injurious to our health. In air pollution the smoke particle is a complex mixture of organic and inorganic particles like soot, smoke liquid droplets, and aerosol. Less than 10 mm particle size is very serious of human being they can get deep into your lungs & blood streams. In our study to check the water quality test of local canal it is a part of ganga river we have selected three point (Meerut, Muradnagar, Masuri, Bulandsher) of this canal and test the water or to compare the standard parameter.


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