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Effect of Molded Lumbosacral Orthosis on Postural Sway and Pain in Subjects with Chronic Non-Specific Low Back Pain: A Prospective Study


Harsh Kumar Kanhaiya*, Hasan Md. Arif Raihan, Prasanna Lenka and Abhishek Biswas

Study design: Prospective pre-post quasi experimental study design (Level of Evidence-IV).
Objectives: Objective was to find the effectiveness of Molded LSO on postural sway and Pain in subject with NSCLBP.
Background of the data: In orthotic treatment molded Lumbosecral orthosis (LSO) application is still controversial topic in Non-specific Chronic Low Back Pain (NSCLBP). Many studies are concentrated upon postural balance and pain with Spinal orthosis in NSCLBP have significant interrelationship but spinal orthosis with postural balance improvement have no strong evidence but this is an attempt to check the effect on COP and Pain using orthosis. This study will stabilized a clinical report on NSCLBP in terms with COP-sway and Pain in Indian scenario.
Materials and methods: 30 subjects with NSCLBP were included in this study by convenient sampling method. The Postural sway parameters (COP, RMS & Range) in mediolateral (Ax) and anterio-posterior (Ay) direction measured using Kistler force plate in Eye open (EO) and Eye Close (EC) condition and pain using VAS. All the measurements was acquired as baseline (pre) with and without molded LSO, and after (Post) 4 weeks following onset of Molded LSO use.
Results: There was significant difference between pre and post with & without Molded LSO postural sway in mediolateral (Ax) and anterio-posterior (Ay) of COP in both EO and EC condition, (p≤0.05). RMS was in without brace EC and EO and with brace EO in Ay and was in Ax, EO without brace and EC and EO with brace (p ≤ 0.05). Range in Ay EO without brace, and in with brace EO were Ax in EO with brace (p ≤ 0.05). VAS score mean differences were decreased in without and with braces but statistically not significant within groups.
Conclusion: As per present perspective clinical evident report it going to conclude that molded Lumbosacral Orthosis have a significance impact on positive influences for reducing postural sway and pain in short term orthotic treatment protocol. It have positive impact on static postural balance and pain with saliently maintaining the lower COG alignment and unloading lumbar spine by using molded Lumbosacral Orthosis in subjects. One center prospective short term clinical report cannot indiscriminate the positive impact of molded Lumbosacral Orthosis in NSCLBP. So the molded Lumbosacral Orthosis can be recommended as a RCT study on this prospect for short term use orthotic plan in NSCLBP.


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