Journal of Spine

ISSN: 2165-7939

Open Access

Editorial Note on Spine Disorders


Sarita Mon*

Spine or backbone is made of small bones called vertebrae which is stacked with discs one on the top of another. These vertebras protects our spinal cord and allow us to stand, move and bend. There are number of issues related with spine and damage the vertebrae are infections, injuries, tumors and some changes related to age like spinal stenosis and herniated disks. Another problem is related to the structure of the spine; usually spine will be having S shaped curvature in some cases or damages the curvature of the spine changes. There are three main types of spine curvature disorders i.e., lordosis is also called as swayback in this case the spine of the person will have spine significantly inward at the lower back. Secondly kyphosis, in this case upper back will be abnormally rounded


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