Medical Microbiology & Diagnosis

ISSN: 2161-0703

Open Access

Editorial Highlights on Medical Microbiology (Special Issue)


Ramana KV

This year, the Journal of Medical Microbiology and Diagnosis commemorates its decade long publication service in the field of Microbiology. With a successful International publications record, the journal has already begun compilation of the third issue in the 9th volume. In addition to the regular issues the journal has been publishing special issues, supplements and conference proceedings from time to time. In general, the journal covers all including Bacteriology, Clinical and Medical Diagnostics, Parasitology, Bacterial Infections. With good citation record, the journal is included in indexing databases conferring wide geographical outreach, such as Index Copernicus, Open J Gate, CAS Source Index along with simultaneous portproduction digital media promotion policy. Ever since its inception in the year 2012 the journal has been consistently producing quality articles sourced from all across the world. The journal holds impeccable record of regular bimonthly issue release frequency with publication time lines. 


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