Malaria Control & Elimination

ISSN: 2470-6965

Open Access

Diversity and Abundance of Anopheles (Diptera: Culicidae) Species Complex in some Selected Settlements in Ogbomoso Local Government Area of Oyo-State, Nigeria


Oluwasogo AO*, Adeyemi MA, Gabriel S, Kabir OO, Owolabi AA and Henry OS

It is part of efforts of every passionate government in Africa to reduce, if not eliminate morbidity and mortality due to malaria being transmitted by female anopheles mosquito. Part of this struggle is the malaria indicator survey annually conducted by the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) in Nigeria. It therefore important to communicate community based investigation and communication of entomological data vital for malaria control using appropriate statistical tools. This study generally aims to investigate seasonal abundance of Anopheles mosquito species and their compositions in some selected human settlements. The specific objective is to determine which particular specie of such Anopheles mosquitoes are most abundant and which of the human settlements requires most intervention due to high prevalence of such Anopheles.


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