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Diabetes Mellitus and Cardiomyopathy


Aikaterini Frantzana

Introduction: It seems there are changes in the structure and function of the myocardium in diabetic cardiomyopathy associated with diabetes mellitus. They are not directly attributable to other related factors such as coronary heart disease or hypertension.

Purpose: The purpose of this study is to search and find the impact of diabetes mellitus on the incidence of heart disease, such as cardiomyopathy and its treatment.

Review Method: A bibliographic search was conducted through "Medline" database and "Google Scholar" search engine using the keywords: diabetes, heart disease, cardiomyopathy, for the time period 2010-2020. The language except for English and Greek was the exclusion criterion for the study.

Results: Diabetic cardiomyopathy is characterized by diastolic dysfunction and myocardial ischemia, which is due to hyperglycaemia and insulin resistance causing left ventricular hypertrophy. Risk factors also include long-term alcohol abuse, smoking, hypertension, heart diseases such as sarcoidosis, and family history. The treatment aims for properly regulating diabetes, treating its symptoms, controlling risk factors for the disease and preventing it from getting worse. Regular exercise could reduce several risk factors for heart disease and improve glycemic control along with medication. Smoking must also be stopped. Finally, a healthy diet, low in fatty acids sugar and salt, and weight control within the desired range, is vital.

Conclusions: Lifestyle changes and eating habits play an important role in as regards the treatment of both diabetes and diabetic cardiomyopathy.


Christos Iliadis received a BSc nursing degree from the Nursing Department of the Alexandrion Technological Nursing Institute of  Thessaloniki, Greece. He has published 55 scientific articles in Greek scientific journals and international English-language scientific journals. He participated in conferences with papers either as posters or as oral presentation in Greek conferences and international English (91 - 81 respectively).

Also, includes two foreign-language monographs, two chapters in an international English-speaking collective volume, three chapters in an international English-language textbook, and one chapter in electronic book form.

 His work is recognized by other authors with more than 100 hetero references. After the invitation of 4 scientific journals, I have corrected the articles. My scientific interests range from primary nursing to all age levels (infant, childhood, gerontology), history of nursing and psychiatric nursing.





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