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Samir Kammoun

Myeloid cancer-filled growth is a tumor mass of immature myeloid or granulocytic cells that affects extramedullary related to body structure locations, including unusually the oral hollowed-out area. A female was referred for the process of figuring out the worth, amount, or quality of something of a fast-growing painful gingival swelling lasting connected with fever, tiredness, and cervical lymphadenopathy. Intraoral examination showed a bluish swelling on the right rear away from the head lower gingiva showing related to the death of skin or other living tissue surfaces. Totally take a sample of living tissue for analysis of the gingival damage to a body part displayed thinly spread invasion of everything is and looks the same tumor cells with granulocytic appearance, powerfully immunopositive for CD99, myeloperoxidase, and Ki-67, and negative for CD20, CD3, CD34. Blood tests presented extreme pancytopenia, and related to tiny chemical assembly instructions inside of living things analysis confirmed the identification of a disease or problem or its cause of sudden and serious promyelocytic blood cancer. The final identification of a disease or problem, or its cause was of oral myeloid cancer-filled growth connected with sudden and serious promyelocytic blood cancer. The patient was submitted to using powerful drugs to help cure the disease but died of the disease one month later. The clinic pathologic and immune-histochemical features of the present case are compared with the cases of oral myeloid cancer-filled growth before now reported in the English-language books.


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