Journal of Spine

ISSN: 2165-7939

Open Access

Degenerative Disc Disease


Pallavi Jha*

One of the most common causes of low back and neck pain, as well as one of the most overlooked, is degenerative disc disease. Simply stated, degenerative disc disease is the result of wear and tear on a spinal disc, resulting in back or neck pain. Degenerative disc disease can also cause weakness, numbness, and hot, shooting pains in the arms and legsin some people (radicular pain).Degenerative disc disease is characterisedby low-level chronic pain interspersed with more intense pain episodes. The discs are unable to perform their primary functions of cushioning and supplying mobility between the vertebrae when this happens. Although the exact cause is unclear, it is believed to be linked to the dehydration, lose elasticity, and collapse of the intervertebral discs as people age.


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