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COVID-19 Pandemic and Bangladesh: A Review


Mohammed Kamruzzaman

Bangladesh, a developing country in the world. Like the other countries in the world it also hit by COVID-19 pandemic. This review article particularly analyzed some issues (e.g. Government measures, Economy, Mental health, Social issues and Vaccine) of Bangladesh related to COVID-19. Based on the published articles, news from print and electronic media, websites of different government and non-government organizations, available public data and some personal discussions are used to write this review paper. As the pandemic still on at the time of data been collected and no one knows when it’s going to stop, there can be addition of this paper in the future with updated data. It was a big challenge for Bangladesh to cope-up with the situation as a lower-middle-income economy with one of the world's densest populations. As winter is knocking the door here in Bangladesh, experts are assuming that the second wave will start very soon and the damage can be worst then the first wave. This paper may help the concerns to re-think what was there mistakes and how more organized way they can control the second wave and minimize the damage.


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