Advances in Recycling & Waste Management

ISSN: 2475-7675

Open Access

Conversion of Landfilled Ash into Hydraulic Cements under Different Environments


Xuefang Wang, Kaize Zhu, Salina Ramli, Liwei Xu, Faris Matalkah, Parviz Soroushian and Anagi M Balachandra

A landfilled coal fly ash was blended with different constituents for achieving a balanced chemistry that suits production of hydraulic cement and concurrent capture of carbon dioxide. The blend of raw materials was processed via input of mechanical energy into hydraulic cements. The input of mechanical energy via milling was performed in three different environments: air, N2 and CO2. The resultant hydraulic cements were characterized through assessment of their specific surface area, microstructure (scanning electron microscopy), chemical bond environment (FTIR), heat of hydration, and pH, total dissolved solids and electric conductivity of their solutions. Mechanical processing of the blend of raw materials was found to transform them into hydraulic cement. The environment of mechanical processing was also found to be an important factor influencing the properties of the resultant cement. 


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