Journal of Nanosciences: Current Research

ISSN: 2572-0813

Open Access

Controlled Drug Delivery Based on Hybrid Crosslinked Hydrogels


Muhammad Asim Raza and Sang Hyun Park

Herein, we developed poly (vinyl phenol) (PVP) and carboxymethyl chitosan (CH) based electron beam crosslinked  hydrogrls for controlled drug delivery. Hydrogels were crosslinked at 15 kGY, 30 kGY and 45 kGY irradiation dose. Swelling analysis was performed in distilled water, buffer and ionic solutions.  Swelling results revealed that 15 kGy hydrogel showed optimum swelling in all solutions wheras as the irradiation was increased networking got severe. In-vitro biodegradation test was performed for one week in phosphate buffered saline (PBS). FTIR analysis exhibited the establishment of physical interactions and confirmed the incorporation of functional groups present in the hydrogel. SEM micrographs depicted porous structure of the hydrogel, which is responsible for swelling and drug loading and release. Antibacterial test exhibited good antimicrobial characteristic aganist gram positive and negative bacteria. In order to analyze drug release behaviour of hydrogrls, PBS (pH= 7.4), SIF (pH= 6.8), SGF (pH= 1.2) were chosen and UV-Vis spectroscopy was used to calculate drug release (%).


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