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Control Mechanism of Bad Odor Generated from Sanitary Landfill Leachate Using Swiss Pharm BioMist


Berihun D

Among the variables that could influence the citizens’ sense of a healthy environment, odor emissions play an important role, as they deeply affect the human life quality and psycho-physical wellness. An odor is a mixture of light and small molecules that are able to stimulate an anatomical response in the human olfactory system. Sensory analyses by odor panels are important in defining odorous nuisances. Biodegradable mist can be applied to liquid or solid waste, as a surface treatment, by incorporation, or dosing during processing.

As the limits of urbanization are extending to far flying areas in Addis Ababa, Sandefa Sanitary Landfill site has been established since December 2015. The new Sandefa Sanitary Landfill site is located about 35 km from Addis Ababa city and 5 km South-West of Lagedadi Dam, at North-Eastern side of Addis Ababa in Oromia Region, Finfine Zuria special zone, Bereh Woreda, in Ele Kebele close to a town called ‘Laga Tafo’. However, the new municipal solid waste landfill leachate is causing a great concern to the communities settled around. The main objective of this study is assessing the applicability of BioMist in removing the Odor from landfill leachate at specified environmental conditions. In order to come up with realistic solution, field observation, field measurement and experimental/sample analysis standard method is employed. The result showed that BioMist is effective in removing bad odor and improving water quality at lower concentration.


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