Immunochemistry & Immunopathology

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Commentary on the Development and Application of Chitosan in Immunochemistry


Jian Liu, Lihui Gan and Minnan Long

Chitosan has attracted much interest due to its special physical and chemical properties related to immunochemistry. The aim of this commentary is to appraise chitosan as an attractive functional polymer for medicine applications, which contributes to the development of chitosan for the immunochemistry. As reported, Chitosan has been used for immunochemistry purpose, such as functional food for enhancement of immune ability, immunostimulant and bio-remediating agent, nanoparticles antigen delivery systems, coating or gel vehicle for drug delivery, composites for intracellular delivery, wound healing medicine, enhance immune responses to virus, as well as other immunochemical materials. The further chemical modifications in chitosan will further assist the scientists for reaching new applications in immunochemistry based on chitosan.


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