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Climate Smart Technological Solutions in Egypt: Hydropower Plant of the New Assiut Barrage Case Study


Ayman F. Batisha

In Egypt, Hydropower sector plays a key role in Climate smart technological solutions to mitigate and adapt climate change. Egypt intends to replace the existing Assiut barrage in Nile River with a new one incorporating a hydropower plant. The technical and economical feasibility of the rehabilitation of the existing barrage including the installation of a low head hydropower plant of about 32 MW is proved. The electricity production of about 250 GWh annually is planed. The optimization of hydropower output will be achieved through mitigation of project-related environmental and social impacts. The implementation of measures to predict, monitor and mitigate or avoid construction and operation impacts is planned. This Paper sets out information relating to the contribution of Hydropower plant of New Assiut Barrage Project towards Adaptation and sustainability options. The Paper assesses the socio-economic and environmental impact of the project, the indicators applicable to the scheme / community in question, and details of the method used to diagnose and monitor social-environmental performance. Where applicable, the diagnostic for the community must be presented separately from that carried out for the scheme. The Paper concludes that the Hydropower plant of the New Assiut Barrage Project has very promising positive aspects in relation to climate change mitigation and adaptation and sustainable development in Egypt.


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