Cancer Science & Therapy

ISSN: 1948-5956

Open Access

Changing Paediatric Cancer Practice in COVID-19 Times


Rajendra B. Nerli, Abhilasha Sampagar, Manas Sharma, Shridhar C. Ghagane, Sushant Deole, Pulkit Gupta, Shashank D. Patil and Murigendra B. Hiremath

Introduction: Experts dealing with the treatment of cancer in children believe that the COVID-19 pandemic could pose a serious global challenge
to the delivery of affordable and equitable treatment to children with cancer. In this paper we report our experience in the management of children
with cancer in these COVID-19 times.
Patients and Methods: Out-patient case records, in-patient case records, imaging pictures of all children with cancer attending our hospital were
retrieved and analyzed.
Results: Our study period extended from Dec 2019 until the end of April 2020. During this period, it was observed that the number of children
attending the outpatient department, undergoing day-care procedures including chemotherapy, as well as children undergoing surgery progressively
declined due to COVID-19 associated lockdown. Efforts were made to help the children and their families to gain easy access to treatment.
Conclusion: COVID-19 has disrupted the world and has caused widespread anxiety among families of children with cancer. The medical fraternity
with active help from all agencies should work out measures to reduce these difficulties faced by children and their families to provide the means
to ensure the continuity of curative treatments and palliative care as effectively as possible.


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