Journal of Vasculitis

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Can a Child Have Vascular Diseases?


Gary S Hoffman

While sickness (high blood pressure) is mostly thought of as associate adult disease, a growing variety of youngsters square measure being diagnosed with this condition. The paediatric cardiovascular disease Program at C.S. libber Children’s Hospital has multidisciplinary medico experience to produce a novel comprehensive approach to the analysis and management of infants, kids and adolescents with cardiovascular disease. We provide advanced diagnostic ways, and knowledge with the newest medicament therapies. Blood pressure is that the force of the blood against the walls of the arteries. A pressure reading is decided by measurement the pulsation (pressure within the arteries once the guts beats) and heartbeat (pressure within the arteries once the guts is at rest) pressures. The pulsation variety is written over the heartbeat variety, like 120/80


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