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Buschke-Lowenstein Tumour with Anorectal Location in Immunocompetent Patients


F. Zahra Cheikhna*, A. Benzzine, F. Haddad, F.Z. Elrhaussi, M. Tahiri, W. Hliwa, A. Bellabah and W. Badre

Buschke lowenstein tumor (BLT) or giant condylomas acuminata (GCA) is relatively rare. It is caused by papillomavirus, and in particular by HPV serotypes 6, 11. It most commonly occurs in immunocompromised males. It is characterized by the frequency of recurrence and the risk of malignant transformation and the treatment remains essentially surgical.

We report the case of twelve patients treated for anorectal TBL, eleven of whom were immunocompetent. Based on this study and a review of the literature, we will describe this condition's epidemiological, therapeutic and evolutionary aspects. The originality of this study lies in the fact that this pathology has been diagnosed in immunocompetent patients.


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