Journal of Steel Structures & Construction

ISSN: 2472-0437

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Brilliant Ideas, Advances and Discussions


Ghanbari Ghazijahani T

Brilliant ideas are worth as much as a complete research. Steel
structures have followed a quite well-trodden and yet challenging path,
particularly with the advent of new materials in construction industries.
As a result, innovative and stimulating ideas played a significant part,
since both researchers involving in constructions and/or industries
drew comparisons among different materials to achieve most optimal
ideas. In different research and construction projects, the major
concern that whether sole material or a composition of two (or more)
materials outweigh, has always been raised among decision makers.
Notwithstanding, the significant role of steel as a crucial element in
construction has remained inarguable. Despite this, the need for new
ideas has been always vitally felt to come up with innovations in steel
comparable with concrete and other materials. To this end, Journal
of Steel Structure and Construction (JSSC) aims to provide an open
international forum for bright ideas on steel structures. This paper
outlines the significance of the ideas in steel elements and puts few
instances forward among the new advances.


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