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A single case study on Atopic Eczematous Dermatitis with special reference to Vicharchika


Anjana L.Siddapur

“Kushnaati vapuh iti kustah” that which disfigures or deforms a person’s physique is Kusta. One such common type of Kusta which is commonly encountered by Ayurveda physicians in day today practice is Vicharchika, which is characterized by Pidaka (vesicles), Srava (oozing), Shyava varna (discolouration) and Kandu (itching). Susruta samhita also gives a reference of ruksha Vicharchika which is also seen in clinical practice. Treatment in contemporary science restricts to the hindrance of the complaints but not from the route and condition is seen to reappear inspite of repeated management using antihistamines and topical steroid applications. A patient presented with clinical features vesicles, erythematous skin lesions and discharge with intense itching at the posterior part of lower limbs, forearms, front and back of chest, abdomen & inguinal region. He was treated with Virechana and Agada formulations, considering the history. Dooshivisha in the samprapti of that condition. Results were encouraging and remarkable.


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