Journal of Oncology Translational Research

ISSN: 2476-2261

Open Access

A novel mounting medium preserving stained tissue slides: in comparison with DPXę


Nesreen M. Safwat

The mounting medium is a solution used to adhere the coverslip to the slide to preserve and support stained tissue sections. The most popular mounting media used in laboratories for histopathology is a mixture of Distyrene (a polystyrene), a Plasticiser (tricresyl phosphate), and Xylene called DPX mounting medium that preserves stains and dries quickly. In this study a novel mixture was used replacing DPX; a mixture of extra pure benzene and Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPF) which mixed together forming adhesive material used to adhere the coverslip with the clean, stained tissue slides, then examined under light microscopy by using different objective lenses magnification in comparison with DPX which cover the same stained tissue sections. Stored for one year to monitor the fading effect of the new mountant on the stained tissue sections. In conclusion Getting the same results of DPX, specially is a simple mixture can be made by any technician in any laboratory for histopathology as well as the time elapsed for drying of the new mounting medium is much more rapid in comparison with DPX and also the spread of EPF in many daily use product make the mixture also available and recycled in a good way as EPF used in floatation devices, egg cartons, sandwich and hamburger boxes, coffee cups and plates. Finally when I made comparison between this new mixture and DPX using the same tissues, the great results was the same, also when the colours has been measured by image analyser software to the record the difference.


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