Journal of Morphology and Anatomy

ISSN: 2684-4265

Open Access

A Case Report Study of Axillary Artery Variation in Iranian Female Cadaver


Rastegar T, Ghantabpour T, Ebrahimzade M, Alidadi M, Khanlari P, Mohammadi M, Shayan M, Mehrania K

During routine dissection of an approximately 50-year-old female cadaver for training the Master students of the Anatomical Sciences at school medicine of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, we came across a variation in branching pattern of right axillary artery. One branch is separated from the Axillary artery for Pectoralis minor muscle. Lateral thoracic artery has been separated from the Axillary artery along with the subscapular artery through a common trunk and continues as a thoracodorsal artery in parallel to long thoracic nerve.


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