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A Case of Successful Conservative Management of Multiple Facial Bone Fractures in an Infant


Kazutaka Soejima, Katsumi Shimoda, Yumi Tanabe, Takashi Yamaki, Taro Kono, Ryohei Higuchi, Hiroyuki Sakurai and Hiroaki Nakazawa

Displaced facial fractures in infants are rare, with only limited published data, and management of such fractures remains controversial. Various authors have advocated managing severely displaced fractures by open reduction and rigid fixation. We describe our experience in successfully managing a case of multiple fractures of facial bones in an infant by conservative observation. A 17-month-old boy sustained multiple facial fractures in a car accident. A CT scan revealed a severely displaced left zygomatic fracture and an undisplaced mandibular angle fracture. There was no orbital floor defect with entrapment of orbital soft tissue. The patient was managed by conservative observation and the outcome was satisfactory. There was complete remodeling of the severely displaced zygomatic fracture. To our knowledge, there are few or no reports on the management of severe facial fractures in infants by conservative observation. The present case suggests the wisdom of deciding the treatment method for facial fractures in infants only after careful observation and consideration.


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