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A Bucket-Handle Tear in a Discoid Lateral Meniscus: A Case Report and Literature Review


Faya A Asiri, Adel Al-Ahaidib and Abdulaziz Al-Ahaideb

Objective: Bucket-handle tears constitute about 10% of all meniscal tears. We aimed to report a case of a bucket-handle tear in a lateral discoid meniscus due to sports injury and to review the current pertaining literature.

Case Report: A 32-year-old male presented with pain, intermittent swelling, clicking and locking symptoms of his right knee for 3 months following a twisting injury while playing football. On physical examination, there were neither effusion, redness, nor scars. He had tender medial and lateral joint lines with a full range of motion. Radiograph of the knee showed widened lateral joint space and medial joint space narrowing. MRI showed increased thickness and flattening of the lateral meniscus with loss of the natural bow-tie configuration reflecting the presence of discoid meniscus. There was signal alteration within the meniscal substance extending across the entire lateral compartment indicating the presence of a tear. Diagnostic arthroscopy confirmed the presence of a bucket-handle tear in the discoid lateral meniscus. Partial meniscectomy with saucerization of the discoid lateral meniscus was performed. Postoperatively, early active range of motion with non-weight bearing mobilization was started. At 6 months postoperatively, the pain has resolved and he had no more locking or clicking symptoms.

Conclusion: Satisfactory outcome of injured patients with a bucket-handle tear in a discoid meniscus can be obtained through arthroscopic partial meniscectomy with saucerization and early rehabilitation.


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