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Below are the list of articles published in International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications that have been cited by eminent researchers all around the world.

A Survey on Measures for Secure Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks

Study on Sensor Fusion for Predicting Human's Thermal Comfort Accounting for Individual Differences by Using Neural Network.

Energy-Efficient Secure Routing Protocol Based on Roulette-Wheel and μTesla forWireless Sensor Networks.

Ant Colony and Load Balancing Optimizations for AODV Routing Protocol

SISO and MISO Architecture Investigation for Wireless Optical OFDM Transmission

Performance Analysis of Tracing Watermarking in the YST Domain for 3G Video-on-Demand Applications

A Core Algorithm for Object Tracking and Monitoring via Distributed Wireless Sensor Networks

Location Technique based on Pattern Recognition of Radio Signal Strength for Parking Management


Collaborative Signal and Information Processing for Target Detection with Heterogeneous Sensor Networks

Innovative Wireless Sensors Networks View based on Data Fusion Optimization

Topics of MEMS Sensors for Communications and Wireless Sensor Networks

Array Signal Processing in Wireless Sensor Networks

L-Sensors in Aerospace

Pedestrian Indoor Navigation System Using Inertial Measurement Unit

Dynamic Cluster Based Intrusion Detection Architecture to Detect RoutingProtocol Attacks in MANET

Terahertz Sensor for Noncontact and Non-destructive Inspection of AutomotivePaints

Editorial for the Topics of Micro Sensors for Communications and Wireless Sensor Networks

Monitoring Internet Access along with Usage of Bandwidth Using Intrusion Detection System

A Survey on Security and Privacy in Wireless Sensor Network

Optimization of Resource Allocation in OFDM Communication System for Different Modulation Technique using FRBS and PSO

RSSI-based Indoor Localization Using RSSI-with-Angle-based Localization Estimation Algorithm

Virtualization of Wireless Sensor Networks

Path Loss Prediction of Wireless Mobile Communication for Urban Areas of Imo State, South-East Region of Nigeria at 910 MHz

A Novel Application of Sensor Networks in Biomedical Engineering

Data Encryption and Transmission Based on Personal ECG Signals

Trace Gas Sensor Based on Quartz-Enhanced Photo Acoustic Spectroscopy

Extending the Functionality of Pymote: Low Level Protocols and Simulation Result Analysis

Conceptual Optimal Design of Environmentally Friendly Airliners: A Review of Available Methodologies and their Integration into a Consistent Framework for Everyday Use

Estimating Node Density for Redundant Sensors in Wireless Sensor Network

Study of Traps in Special Doped Optical Fiber Radiation Sensors via Glow Curve Analysis

Surface Micro Defect Detection of Tapered Rollers Based on Laser Diffraction

Probabilistic Approach to Scheduling Divisible Load on Network of Processors

Impact of Frame Loss Aspects of Mobile Phone Networks on Forensic Voice Comparison

Adaptive Decision Feedback Equalization for Multi-Gbps Serial Links: Challenges and Opportunities

Handcrafted Microwire Regenerative Peripheral Nerve Interfaces with Wireless Neural Recording and Stimulation Capabilities

Delivery Delay Analysis of Selective Repeat ARQ in Underwater Acoustic Communications

Effectiveness of a Novel Power Control Algorithm in Heart Rate Monitoring of a Mobile Adult: Energy Efficiency Comparison with Fixed Power Transmission

Energy-Aware Cross Layer Framework for Multimedia Transmission over Wireless Sensor Networks

Light-Weight Energy Consumption Model and Evaluation for Wireless Sensor Networks

A Clinical Trial of Translation of Evidence Based Interventions to Mobile Tablets and Illness Specific Internet Sites

Demonstrative DC Motor Control under Power Communication Network

Real Time Fear Detection Using Wearable Single Channel Electroencephalogram

A Mobile Phone Controlled Electronic Immobilizer: An Application to Automobile Engineering

Micro Air Vehicles

Modeling Mechanical Properties of FSW Thick Pure Copper Plates and Optimizing It Utilizing Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Editor’s Note

Data Analysis of Precipitation Hardening of Al-Cu Alloy through Fuzzy Monitoring Approach

Detection of Camouflaged People

A Rapid Prototyping Matlab Based Design Tool of Wireless Sensor Nodes for Healthcare Applications

Remote Patient Monitoring System Based Coap in Wireless Sensor Networks

Degrading the Effect of Channel Impairment on STBC-OFDM System in Rayleigh Fading Channel

Design of a Selective Filter-Antenna with Low Insertion Loss and High Suppression Stopband for WiMAX Applications

Optical Fibre Dosimetry

Bifurcation Behavior of a Capacitive Micro-Beam Suspended between Two Conductive Plates

Comparative Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols in Wireless Sensor Network

Enhanced Algorithms for Fault Nodes Recovery in Wireless Sensors Network

Improving the Network Life Time of Wireless Sensor Network using EEEMR Protocol with Clustering Algorithm

A Review on Security Issues in Wireless Sensor Network

Compared with a-Fe2O3 and ZnxFe3-XO4 Thin Films Grown by Chemical Spray Pyrolysis

The Use of WSNs for Structural Health Monitoring

Smart Micro/Nano Sensors and their Applications in Intelligent Sensory Network System

Sensor Web: An Infrastructure for Real-Time Smart Applications

Performance Comparison of the KNN and SVM Classification Algorithms in the Emotion Detection System EMOTICA

Data Sampling in Sensor Networks: New Trends in Smart City Applications

A Cyber-Physical System for Environmental Monitoring

Optical Multi-ring Cascade Cavity Temperature Sensor with Ultra-High Sensitivity

Examination of State of Art Technology in Digital Television Transmission in Ghana: Case Study of Knet Limited

Strain Sensor and Accelerometer Communication Channels in Drill Pipes of Oil Wells: Delay Spreads and Eigenvalues

Trace Gas Sensing Based on Laser Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

Design and Development of a Wireless Communication Network Based Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System for Metropolitan Cities

Indoor Positioning System with Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and BLE Inverse Fingerprinting

Using Malleable Signatures to Allow Multi-Show Capability in Digital Credentials

Smart Tunnel Farming Model: An Inculcation of Cloud Computing with Cortex for Reliable Agricultural Production

Continuous Vital Signs Monitoring is Going Wireless in Urgent Medicine

Selecting Mobility Model and Routing Protocol for Establishing Emergency Communication in a Congested City for Delay-Tolerant Network

Nano/micro Sensors and Effective Energy Sources for Communication and Wireless Sensor Networks


E - Health Monitoring Using a Centralized - Decentralized System

Using Machine Learning to Detect APTs on a User Workstation

The Effect of the Mode Solver on the Optical Fiber Characteristics

Mid Square Hash Bezier Secured Routing for IoT Enabled Wireless Sensor Networks

Design and Implementation of Mobile Information System for Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) of Nigeria

Editorial Highlights for International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications


COVID19: Role of wireless communication and Networking



Editorial note for Journal of Sensor Networks and data communication

Design and Development of a Wireless Communication Network Shaped Ambient Air Quality Monitoring System for Metropolitan Cities

Indoor Positioning System with Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and BLE Inverse Finger printing

Smart Tunnel Model: An Inculcation of Agriculture Cloud Computing with Cortex for Reliable Agricultural Production

Strain Sensor and Accelerometer Communication Channels in Drill Pipes: Delay Spreads and Eigen values

Using Malleable Signatures technique to Allow Multi Show Capability transform Brand's in Digital Credentials

Transmission Channels and Noise Models for Wireless Sensor Networks and Blind Equalization

Efficient Microstrip Rectangular Slotted UWB Monopole Antennas with Etched Ground Plane for Wireless LAN and Similar Applications

A VANET Protection Survey: Issues, Threats and Solutions

Future of Data Storage- DNA Data Storage

Performance Analysis of FSO Channels with Various Modulation Technique over Atmospheric Turbulences

Radar Signal Detection in Noise Using Machine Learning

Hydrogen Detection Using Sensor

Control of Traffic Light Utilizing AI

Outlines of Medical Devices for Patient Monitoring System

A New Technique Used to Detect False Account

Self-Security System of Vehicle - A Smart Device

Self-Operated Pumps for Ideal Irrigation

Role of Biosensor in the Field Cardiovascular Disorder

Chemical Sensor as Quality Checker for Fruits and Vegetables

Spotting of Reckless Driving on Highways in India

Parkinson Disease Symptoms Detection: A Latest Model

A Model to Predict Winner in Election

Determining the Quality of Air in Living Room

Automatically Spraying Pesticide by Sensing Plant's Disease

Determination of Blood pH - a Sensor Controlled Device

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