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Agricultural Residues

Using agricultural residues for industrial purposes may be a far more environmentally friendly practice than many residue disposal methods currently in use Agricultural residues are a superb alternative to using virgin wood fiber for many reasons. Aside from their abundance and renewability, using agricultural residues will benefit farmers, industry, and human health and therefore the environment. Wheat straw, for instance , is being grown at yields of between 1-3 tons per acre. This income is a boon to farmers. In fact, one manufacturer, Agriboard Industries, claims that local farmers stand to form more from selling the wheat straw than from selling the particular crop. Until recently, many farmers disposed of agricultural wastes by burning or landfilling them. The manufacturer’s currently using wheat straw as an industrial feedstock ante up to $45 per ton. Online Journals are scholarly and peer-reviewed journals. The journals provide a forum and motivate scientists, researchers, academics, engineers, and practitioners in all aspects to share their professional and academic knowledge in the fields of computing, engineering, humanities, economics, social sciences, management, life science, and related disciplines. Online Journals also aims to succeed in an outsized number of readers worldwide with original and current research work completed on the vital problems with the above important disciplines. The journals permit all readers to read, view, download, and print the full-text of all published articles with none subscription or restrictions.

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