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Below are the list of articles published in Fluid Mechanics: Open Access that have been cited by eminent researchers all around the world.

About Vortex Physics and Vortex Losses

Simulation of the Largest Coherent Vortices (Rolls) in the Ekman Boundary Layer

Action of Excited State Molecular Networks

New Approach Controlling Cancer: Water Memory

Era for New Paradigm

On the New Physical Biology

Numerical Simulation of the Behavior for a Vortex Ring Convecting along the Axis of a Rotating Field

Coherence Domains in Living Systems

Vortex Structures on the Upper Surface of a Pointed Gothic WingObserved at Low, Median and High Incidences

Vortexes in the Physical Science and Technology

Vortical Structure of Light and Space: Biological Implications

The Expansion Process in a Counter-flow Vortex Tube

New Hope for Our Planet: Space - Age Energy and a New Kondratieff Cycle

Previous Kondratieff Cycles: Many Positive and Some Negative Effects, and a Hopeful Outlook in the Short Kondratieff Cycle

Numerical Simulation of Airfoil Flow at High Angle of Attack

3D Wave Explains Water Memory

Light in the Beginning!

Digitized 3D wave expressed in 2D space

Simulation of Vortex Ring Formation and the Effect of Piston VelocityProgram on the Formation Number

The Heart as a Bi-directional Scalar Field Antenna

The Transition from Far to Near Field calculated by Vortex Physics

Unsteady MHD Non-Newtonian Casson Fluid Flow due to a PorousRotating Disk with Uniform Electric Field

Controlling Shear Stress in a Suspension Culture using Couette Flow forEfficient Proliferation of HEK 293 Cells

Reynolds Number and Spacetime Curvature

Ballester-Rodés and Others - A New Look at the T Wave

Analysis of Exhaust Manifold using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Design, Analysis and Comparison between the Conventional Materialswith Composite Material of the Leaf Springs

Fabrication of Falling Film Liquid Desiccant Air-Conditioning System

‘Redshift’ in Electromagnetic Waves

An Editorial Overview of the Current Issue of Fluid Mechanics: Open Access (Volume 3, Issue 1, 2006)

Fluid Mechanics at Atomic Scale

The Ether: The Universal Material

Temperature Dependent Variable Properties on Mixed ConvectiveUnsteady MHD laminar Incompressible fluid Flow with Heat Transfer andViscous Dissipation

Space, Time and Aether

A New Numerical Method for Solving Stiff Initial Value Problems

Removal of Ni (Ii) Ions on to Polymer Loaded Sawdust (PLSd) – Batch Adsorption Studies

Numerical and Experimental Study on the Ability of Dynamic Roughnessto Alter the Development of a Leading Edge Vortex

Batch Studies on Remedy for Cr(VI) and Ni(II) onto Sludge-based Carbons(PMSC & APMSC)

Remark on “Tripled Coincidence Point Theorem for Compatible Maps in Fuzzy Metric Spaces”

ZnO doped Oxide Materials: Mini Review

Numerical Studies for Solving Fractional Integro-Differential Equations by using Least Squares Method and Bernstein Polynomials

Common Fixed Point Theorem in T0 Quasi Metric Space

Physics for Astro-Theology

Assessment of Heavy Metals in Surface Water of Adirampattinam Seashore, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu, India

The Speed of Light and Astrotheology

Universal Chemistry for Astro-Theology

A Computational Study on the Moment Coefficient Cm of Formula One Exposed Dry and Wet-Condition Wheels

The Termination of Physical Constants in Proton Mass

Green’s Function for the Heat Equation

Jocaxian’s Train

Gravity and Electromagnetism

Cusack’s Universal Bridge

Micro Structural and Optical Properties of Ferrous Selenide Thin Filmsand Its Characterization

Determination of Kelvin Radii and Bulk Hygroscopicity of Volume BasedHygroscopicity for Atmospheric Aerosols

Opinion on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Technique

RBS Analysis of Zinc Telluride Thin Films by Electron Beam Evaporation Technique

Focal and Dynamic Parameters of Strong Earthquakes on the Territory of Azerbaijan for the Period 2005-2015

Convergence of Physical Mathematics

Cosmology, Mass and the Super Force

Effect of Shape and Parameters of Perforation in a Vertical Wellbore with Two Perforations (without Porous Media) on Pressure Drop

Test and Analysis of Hydraulic Fracture Characteristics of Rock Single Crack

On the Modeling of Air Flow in the Tombs of the Valley of Kings

Instability of Contact Surface in Cylindrical Explosive Waves

Cadmium Doped with Selenides and Telluride for Photovoltaic Applications: A Review

Pyramid Mekaniska Konsult (PMK) HB

The Law of Conservation of Energy

The Gas Bubble Behavior under Surface Tension Change in Microgravity Conditions

Universal Structural Mechanics

Air Flow Regimes and Thermal Comfort in Vehicle Cabin Considering Solar Radiation

Study of Nanomaterials Prepared by Combustion Method Using High Heat Combustion Chamber and Agreement with the Reported Results

Effect of Sputtering Technique and Properties of TiO2 Doped with SnO2 Thin Films

One Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Aggradation-Degradation in a Channel Using Finite Difference Method Case Study Chashma Right Bank Canal (CRBC)

Fluid Mechanics of the New Cartesian Physics

Studies on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy (PAS) of CNT NPs

Gravity, Time, Mass and Super Force United

Estimating Drag and Heat Transfer Coefficient of a Runner by Using Numerical Methods

Evaluation and Delineations of Multi Segment Variable Camber Fixed Wing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Soret and Dufour Effects on Heat and Mass Transfer Mixed Convection Flow near a Point of Zero Skin Friction

Soret and Dufour Effects on Heat and Mass Transfer Mixed Convection Flow near a Point of Zero Skin Friction

How to Manage the Build-up of Light-ends in Heat Transfer Fluids: A Practical Guide to Interventions to Safely Mitigate and Correct their Accumulation

Evaluation and Delineations of Multi Segment Variable Camber Fixed Wing for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Design Parameters of a Screw Extruder for Biofuel Production

Editorial Note for Fluid Mechanics

The scaling problem of oxide materials hydrothermal synthesis for various autoclave reactors with considering natural convection_ I V Sharikov_ Saint Petersburg Mining University, Russia

Towards design and manufacturing of biomedical implants with biological fixation: Development of an integrated numerical model_ Michal Krzyzanowski_Birmingham City University_UK

Rapid alloy prototyping for steels_ Stephen G R Brown_ Swansea University_UK

Gas turbine flow characterization using non-intrusive acoustic measurements_ Wing F Ng_ Virginia Tech_USA

Architectural design with climate using snow and wind simulations to prevent from snowstorm in winter cities_ Tsuyoshi Setoguchi_Hokkaido University_Japan

Fluidic oscillators for active flow control applications_ Josep M Bergada _ ESEIAAT-UPC_Spain

Golden loop inside the design methodology for total production engineering_ Joze Duhovnik_University of Ljubljana_Slovenia

The crucible method: A new technique of generating process maps for laser powder-bed fusion_Adam M Philo_Swansea University_UK

Pumps working as turbines as an engineering solution for energy recovering in water distribution systems_ Petra Amparo Lopez Jimenez_Universitat Politecnica de Valencia_Spain

Design of multi-major-component (high entropy) alloys of suitable magnetic and mechanical properties based on a Hume-Rothery approach_Monique Calvo Dahlborg_University Rouen Normandy â?? CNRS_France

Fluid Mechanics of the Cartesian Physics

Gravity, Mass and Super Force United

Studies on Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of CNT NPs

Mechanics at Atomic Scale

Temperature Dependent Variable Properties on Mixed Convectiv with Heat Transfer and Viscous Dissipation

Prediction of Environmental Indicators in Land Leveling Using Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Numerical Methods for Viscoelastic Fluid Flows

Elastic Turbulence

Engineering Flows in Small Devices: Micro Fluidic Flows

Lattice Boltzmann Method for Fluid Flow

Exhibition on Separation Techniques

Flow around Surface-Mounted Permeable Cubes on Solid Surfaces

Aerodynamic Characteristics

Study of Nanomaterials Prepared by Combustion Method

Unbalanced Exchange Flow and its Implications

Fluid dynamic

Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics

Nano biotechnology

Hydraulics assumptions for the computation of electrical conductivity of flowing human blood

Intramolecular interactions in paracyclophanes

Die shape optimization for extrudate swells using feedback control

Benchmark solutions for flows with rheologically complex interfaces

Efficient computation of global resolvent modes

Particle migration in channel flow of an elastoviscoplastic fluid

Extrudate shape of three-dimensional viscoelastic, non-isothermal extrusion flows

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