Journal of Experimental Food Chemistry

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Theodoros Varzakas

Theodoros Varzakas

Theodoros Varzakas
Associate Professor in Food Processing, Department of Food Technology School of Agricultural Technology
Technological Educational Institute of Peloponnese, Kalamata, Greece


An enthusiastic determined and self-confident person holding A Doctorate in Food Science and Biotechnology, with knowledge of microbiology, food science, nutrition and management and strong problem-solving capabilities. Hard working and dedicated he is at his best when applying knowledge to problems requiring practical solutions. Active and sociable with good interpersonal and man management skills, can easily lead or work within a group. Reliable and devoted, can be trusted to perform demanding tasks in various environments. Persuasive, reliable, a lot of business awareness and broad abilities in modern languages.

Research Interest

1. Food Safety management systems.
2. Water-Food ingredients interactions.
3. Thermal analysis of Foods and Food Packaging Materials.
4. Study of chemical, biochemical and physicochemical reactions/alterations occurring in food systems during their storage/preservation.
5. Kinetic studies of chemical, biochemical and physicochemical phenomena in food systems.
6. Study of biodegradable polymers for food packaging applications.
7. Edible films for food packaging and coating applications.
8. Interactions between food packaging materials and foods.
9. Implementation of chemometrics to food and drinks for classification according to varietal and geographic origin.
10. Solid state fermentation-tempeh fermentation
11. Membrane Technology
12. Enzyme technology
13. Research and development, Quality Control and quality assurance of bakery, snack, confectionery products
14. Olive oil technology-Biotechnology production
15. New waste treatment technologies
16. Gene transfer from transgenic plants to nitrogen fixing bacteria
17. Risk assessment of genetically modified (GM) food
18. Microbiology of cheeses.
19. Food allergens research-. Determination of the limit over which the uptake of allergenic substances could cause allergy and the consequences that the allergenic substances that might be contained in processed foods could cause.
20. Food additives.
21. Food engineering phenomena-diffusion, counter-current extraction
22. Research on quality control using texture analyzer, rheofermentometer
23. Sensory evaluation methodology
24. Lipid oxidation
25. UHT Processing
26. Reliability analysis in different processing lines including cheese (feta), strudel, bread, biscuits etc.
27. Chemistry and Physical Chemistry of Starch and other Food Polysaccharides

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