Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

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Sergei Silvestrov

Sergei Silvestrov

Sergei Silvestrov
Malardalen University, Sweden


Sergei Silvestrov is born in 1970. Since 2011 he holds a position of a Full Professor and a subject representative in Mathematics/Applied Mathematics at Malardalen University, Vasteras, Sweden. After completing PhD degree in Mathematics at Umea University, Sweden in 1996, Sergei Silvestrov held positions at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm at Lund University, a STINT post-doctoral fellow position at the University of Iowa, USA, aswell as a number ofguest researcherandguest Professor positions in several universities in Europe and Japan. He is or has been a coordinator or a co-coordinator or member of committees or supervision teamsfor several European, Nordic and international networks, Swedish international research capacity building projects as well European Erasmus and Erasmus-Mundus projectsinvolving European universities and universities in Asia, Africa and Balkans. Sergei Silvestrov has more than 90 publications including articles, books and collective volumes, has been the main organizer or a member of organizing or scientific committees of more than 25 international conferences and workshops, speaker at more than 40 international conferences and lecture at European intensive research schools and Master programs.Sergei Silvestrov has supervised 5 PhD students to PhD degree and more than 30 students to Master degree and is currently (2013) a supervisor of a group of PhD students in Sweden as well as in Africa and Asia, as well as junior researchers and post-docs. Sergei Silvestrov is initiator, Program coordinator and program responsible professor for the Master Program in Engineering Mathematics at Malardalen University. He is also a member of editorial boards of several international journals and a member of Swedish Mathematical Society.

Research Interest

Generalizations of Lie algebras, Hom-algebra structures, non-associative structures generalizing associativity, non-commutative algebras and rings defined by generators and relations and their representations and classifications, operator algebras and actions of groups and semigroups,applications of non-commutative and non-associative algebra structures in Physics and Engineering.

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