Journal of Generalized Lie Theory and Applications

ISSN: 1736-4337

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Sergei Silvestrov

Sergei Silvestrov

Sergei Silvestrov, PhD
Professor, School of Education, Culture and Communication, Division of Applied Mathematics
Mälardalen University, Sweden


Sergei Silvestrov is a Full Professor in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics at Mälardalen University. Sergei Silvestrov is the research leader for MAM research environment in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, and the group leader for two research groups Algebra and Analysis with Applications and Engineering Mathematics.

Research Interest

Algebra, non-commmutative geometry, operator algebras and operator theory, represenation theory, matrix analysis, quantum algebras, as well as engineering mathematics, especially matrix analysis, graphs and stochastic processes applications to rankning and analysis in networks and data, quantum computing, matrix analysis, determinants and interpolation and approximation in applications in engineerigng, dimogrphics and natural sciences.

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