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Dr. Chee-Hon Ng , Dr. Cornelius Tan and Prof. Leo

1 Department of Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, Novena Medical Centre, Republic of Singapore https://or, Singapore

  • Research Article   
    Cornucopia and Highlights of Internet Resources on the Web for COVID-19
    Author(s): Dr. Chee-Hon Ng , Dr. Cornelius Tan and Prof. Leo

    Introduction: A new coronavirus COVID-19 has emerged as the cause of unusual cluster of viral pneumonia cases in China. The situation has rapidly evolved into a global health emergency as declared by the World Health Organization. Aim: This paper aims to provide a brief and succinct guide to the current knowledge available in the internet regarding COVID-19 and the practice of dentistry. We tabulated the most useful websites available on the internet to the dental practitioner and the reader of our journal. Methods: Current search engines Googles, Yahoo and Bing were used without time limit to trawl for websites with terms “COVID-19”, “SARSCoV-2”, “Coronavirus” in conjunction with “Dentistry”, “Infection control” and “Dental Practice”. Results: We found many yields of websites with good clinical information and cu.. Read More»

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