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Norikazu Kakubayashi


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    Epigenetics Evolution and Replacement Histones: Evolutionary Changes at Drosophila H3.3A and H3.3B
    Author(s): Yoshinori Matsuo and Norikazu KakubayashiYoshinori Matsuo and Norikazu Kakubayashi

    Histone modification and replacement in variant histones result in nucleosome remodeling and play an important role in epigenetics. The evolutionary mechanism of epigenetics was investigated by analysing the variant histone 3 genes, H3.3A and H3.3B, in 12 Drosophila species. A U11-48K-like gene coding for a zinc finger domain was located in the region upstream of the H3.3A gene in all Drosophila species studied. The U11-48K-like and H3.3A genes may be co-regulated, as is the case for the H3-H4 gene pair. However, no strongly conserved nucleotide sequence was found in the 5`- regions of the two genes. Various combinations of gene pairs were found upstream or downstream of the H3.3B gene but none were conserved amongst a broad range of Drosophila species. Moderately conserved DNA sequences were found in the H3.3B gene regions around the first intron and outsid.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.4172/2329-9002.1000174

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