Journal of Lasers, Optics & Photonics

ISSN: 2469-410X

Open Access

Volume 8, Issue 3 (2021)

Short Communication Pages: 1 - 1

Distinct multi-physical effects of plasmonic metal nanostructures for high performance optoelectronic devices - W C H Choy - The University of Hong Kong

W C H Choy

The amazing upgrade of Plasmon - optical and - electrical impacts by metal nanostructures will be depicted in detail for superior optoelectronic gadgets, for example, light radiating diodes and sunlight based cells. Taking plasmatic natural sun based cell for instance, the force transformation proficiency can reach more than 10.5%. The Plasmon-optical impacts have been used to optically improve dynamic layer assimilation in natural sun powered cells (OSCs). The misused plasmatic resonances of metal nanomaterial's are regularly from the essential dipole/high-request modes with restricted ghastly widths for provincial OSC ingestion improvement.

Short Communication Pages: 2 - 2

Shaped laser pulses after optical fibers for selective multiphoton excitation of biomolecules - Albrecht Lindinger - Freie Universitat Berlin

Albrecht Lindinger

As of late, ultrashort laser beats were progressively utilized for multiphoton energized imaging in natural examples. Fluorescent particles were utilized to recognize tissue structures, and a high difference is good for minuscule imaging. Thereto, laser beat molding gives an integral asset by fitting the beats with the end goal that two species may specifically be energized. Specifically, fitting of laser beats is applied to abuse intrapulse impedance impacts in multiphoton energized fluorescence.

Short Communication Pages: 3 - 3

Design of Fresnel lens for uniform LED lighting - Seoyong Shin - Myongji University

Seoyong Shin

A uniform light diffuser for a light-transmitting diode (LED) light source is a fundamental gadget broadly utilized in lighting designing. We present a straight Fresnel focal point plan for LED uniform light applications. The LED source is a variety of LED. A variety of collimating focal point is applied to collimate yield from the LED exhibit.

Short Communication Pages: 4 - 4

Toward calibration free ion sensing: A focus on fiber optic fluorescence pH sensor - Bruno Wacogne - FEMTO-ST Institute

Bruno Wacogne

This work is essential for the improvement of a fibre optic fluorescence pH sensor for in vivo estimation. The sensor utilizes pH subordinate particles united at the cut finish of an optical fibre. Atoms like SNARF®, permit estimating pH by computing the proportion of the transmitted fluorescence at two particular frequencies.

Short Communication Pages: 5 - 5

A high performance I/Q-interferometer using a polarizing beam displace and its application to resolution refractive index sensor - Kyuman Cho - Sogang University

Kyuman Cho

It has been shown that an I/Q-interferometer can be utilized for estimating refractive list of a fluid or fluid combination coursing through fluidic channels. We as of late built up another I/Q interferometer which might be ideal for fluidic channel estimations as a result of its basic optical game plan and ability of changing shaft division. A schematic of optical course of action is appeared in the picture. The polarizing pillar dislodge (PBD) is an adjusted polarizing bar splitter for which the two yield faces are point cleaned to make two symmetrically captivated yield radiates from the polarizing shaft splitter corresponding to one another.

Mini Review Pages: 1 - 3

Optical Properties of MgO Thin Films Deposited on GeO2 and SiO2 Substrates

Micheline Bejjani, Aicha Beya Far and Farid Flitti

In this study, optical properties of magnesium oxide (MgO) thin film deposited on germania (GeO2) and silica (SiO2) were studied as a function of wavelength in the range 0.3-1.1µm using matlab. Refractive indices, extinction coefficients, and absorption coefficients were investigated. The transmittance spectra of MgO thin films of different thicknesses deposited on the different substrates were also examined. The films were found to show high transmittance and low absorbance in the visible and near infrared region. However, the absorbance of the film was found to be high in the ultraviolet. The effects of interference on transmission spectra were also considered. The results give good reason for the applications of MgO thin films in optoelectronic devices.


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