International Journal of Sensor Networks and Data Communications

ISSN: 2090-4886

Open Access

Surface Micro Defect Detection of Tapered Rollers Based on Laser Diffraction


Li Cao, Shuncong Zhong, Qiukun Zhang, Xinbin Fu

A method based on laser diffraction was reported to improve the defect recognition accuracy of surface micro defect detection of tapered rollers. According to Fraunhofer diffraction theory, the fluctuations of the width of a tiny slit can be transformed to obvious changes of diffraction fringes, which can be employed to measure the micro surface defect of tapered rollers. These optical diffraction fringes were captured by a CCD camera, and subsequently were transmitted to a developed image processing system. The system includes image de-noising based on anisotropic diffusion, automatic extraction of fringe center lines by the derivative-sign binary image method, and analysis of the extracted fringe center lines for automatic defect detection. The experimental results demonstrated that the proposed method could magnify defect effect and therefore improve the accuracy of defect detection, making it attractive for industrial applications on tapered roller defect detection.


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