Journal of Oncology Medicine & Practice

ISSN: 2576-3857

Open Access

Reflections on Telemedicine and Access in Oncology in COVID-19 pandemic


Nausheen Ahmed* and Ahmed N

The explosive growth of tele-health in oncology during the COVID-19 pandemic has been greeted by hematologists and oncologists with mixed emotions. While it allows for effective healthcare delivery while maintaining social distancing, it lacks the “personal touch” in a field where delivering life-altering news is common. We review the evolution of the medical healthcare models, focusing on the impact of tele-health during the COVID-19 crisis and discuss the long-term role of telemedicine in today’s service culture. We also discuss potential factors influencing the growth of telemedicine, including acceptability and familiarity with telehealth, development of associated infrastructure and business models supporting its growth.


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