Journal of Phylogenetics & Evolutionary Biology

ISSN: 2329-9002

Open Access

Molecular Contiguity between Human and Animal Consciousness through Evolution: Some Considerations


Massimo Cocchi, Fabio Gabrielli, Lucio Tonello, Mauro Delogu, Valentina Beghelli, Michela Mattioli and Pier Attilio Accorsi

This work suggests the possibility of the existence of contiguity in the molecular evolution of consciousness, between man and animal. From the experimental point of view and in terms of hypotheses, it seems that many elements lead to considerations about a common molecular evolutionary origin of the consciousness in animals and humans. It seems, also, evident that the increasing levels of complexity of consciousness can correspond to the evolutionary process. The work discusses a scientific speculation about the possible role of serotonin and thermoregulation in the evolution of consciousness of living beings.


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